domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Lionel Richie - Truly

ROY AYERS Slip 'n' slide (Riko extented remix) 8,10'

The ORIGINALS - Baby I'm For Real (extended remix)

After 7 - Baby I'm for Real

Sherrick - Baby, I'm for real

Delegation - Oh honey

Delegation - Oh honey

Brainstorm-This Must Be Heaven

Bloodstone - Natural High (extended Version)

The Whispers-Can We Talk

Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk?

The Whispers - Two Occasions

The Whispers - Two Occasions

The Whispers-My My My

Babyface - I Love You Babe

Babyface - For The Cool In You

Baby Face - I Only Think Of You On Two Occasions

Skyy - Skyyzoo

Tavares - Deeper In Love